Buy a vehicle and pay over flexible installments at favourable interest

Are you looking for a vehicle on a strict budget? We have a solution for you. Tida Zim Motors provides vehicle financing solutions, which makes it a lot easier as you get to drive and pay your balance in installments.

With interest rates from as low as 3.5%, this makes it even better than getting a loan from financial institutions. Sounds like something you might be interested in?

Read to the last word.

Here is some important information you need to know first.

1. Vehicle Selection.

Please visit or and select a vehicle of your choice. (Remember the vehicle cannot be older than 10years from the date of enquiry.)

2. Valuation*Car Value* | *Minimum Deposit*

4,501.00 – 6,000.00 30%

6,001.00 – 7,500.00 35%

7,501.00 – 9,000.00 40%

9,000.00 – 10,500.00 45%

10,500.00 and Above 50%

3. Imports from Japan take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. We also process local vehicle registration and change of ownership.

4. Interest charged is 3.5% for 6 and 12 month installments and 4% for 18 month installments.

These are the requirements:

✅ Deposit

✅ Proof of residence

✅Bank statement showing the last 6 months or any proof of income that you might have

✅3.5% or 4% interest on principal balance, depending on chosen plan.

*You’ll get the vehicle registration book upon payment of your final installment.

*The total cost includes the following:

✅ CIF Beitbridge Price,

✅ CIF Durban Price,

✅ Freight Charge from Durban to Beitbridge,

✅ Customs Duty,

✅ Zimra Clearing Cost,

✅ Storage Cost,

✅ Vehicle Collection Cost (Beitbridge to Harare),

✅ Vehicle Insurance (First 3 months),

✅ Vehicle License (First 3 months),

✅ Vehicle Registration Cost.

Remember to pay us a visit on 11A Bodle Avenue, Eastlea, Harare if you need to know more about our vehicle rent to buy service.

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